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The Machine 310-833-3339 &
Fluke 310-391-5336
Active Again


C*NET & TandemX are both are VOIP Asterisk based call processing network for Telephone Collectors
Phone Equipment & Exchanges Hooked Up To The Internet

LincMad Area Codes
Including a list of new codes

Telephone World
Information on this useful yet mysterious device called the telephone

Connections Museum (Seattle)
A working Panel and Crossbar electromechanical central-office switches. Working Step-by-Step and Crossbar PBX equipment as well as antique telephones, switchboards, outside plant displays (poles, cables, splicing equipment, and tools) and a reference library.

Evan Doorbell's Phone Tapes
Evan Doorbell Phone Tapes are a well known "documentary" of how the phone system used to sound like in the 1970's.

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Phone Losers Dot Org Banner

Bill Mills (William Wilde)
William Wilde, Bill Mills Production ©2024

REC Telephone Network
Copyright ©2024 - REC Networks - All Rights Reserved.

The Digital Dog Pound

Run by ?
Baltimore Maryland 301-AGENT-11
Sometimes it was a tape of original content. Sometimes recorded to an endless 1-minute tape loop with the erase-head blocked and feeedback back onto itself.

Bel Air Return
Run by Tom "Santa Monica"
Located in the Santa Monica area 393-6624 393-2883
He ran comments like the others. His topics were more of a mature nature. He would sometimes get into an ECHO war with a couple of lines that used multitrack recorders for their output tapes.
Tom had a long running computer BBS after the Bel Air Return was shut down.

Smell Bell Reburn New2022

16 July 1975 New2022
18 July 1975 New2022
19 July 1975 New2022
20 July 1975 New2022
22 July 1975 New2022
23 July 1975 New2022
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Run by Steven Z. Bloopline
Located in North Hollywood 982-5515
Started in August 1977About two weeks before Feedback.
Using a single phone line had special days to take comments. Steve was the "first" to use auto reverse cassette machines for playback. He put a little comedy to the tapes he made. Sometimes you wonder if he is really serious in what he says.

Steve, Any tapes for me to post?
Look in your stack of Reel-To-Reels....

Bloopline Wait Tape
With Joe from "The Link"

The B.S. Line
Run by Santa Happy The Dwarf Keim & Biffex Jones
Located in Huntington Beach 714-964-2395
Started in 198?
I had never called the line being long distance for me but I have a recording of it. I will be posting it soon and will get more information on the line.

Tape For 2/1985
Includes "This Is Not The Movieline"
A.R.T.E. Award winner for the best comment related program of 1985

Side 1
Time 30:13

Side 2
Time 28:48

Calcom / REC ™ ® ©
Run by Rich E. Calcom (REC)
Originally Located In Chatsworth at 407-1000
Started in 7/20/1984
Was originally called the "California Comments"
Rich had been known for copying other peoples work but later came up with very original material. In 1988 Rich played with an Atari computer to keep track of all of the phone lines activities. Later that year he used an IBM-PC and a Dialogic card to record comments and later run a conference with many features. For the first time people with accounts can control most of the content that went over the line. Sometimes it would get out of hand and Rich would have to step in and set up rules for conduct. There where Information Audio Service Boxes (IAS Box) that people ran just like if they ran a phone entertainment line. There was also the Public Forum were the Forum Room was a specific topic.

People would send in donations and that helped with the phone bills. Later moving to Palmdale in 1992 for about a year and getting a fair call rate. Later moving to the Van Nuys area for another year. In 1994 moving to the Phoenix area. The Phoenix area did not do well because of the lack of donations and the price of each phone line, so it's now shut down.


4th Anual Awards
Pre ARTE Tape
With Mike "Wolfman Jack"
and all the callers.
Featuring: Paul Mack, Bob Observatory
& Nino Telephun.

Side 1
Time 40:48

Side 2
Time 38:30
Other Entertaining
Recordings from REC
REC Jingle from REC805

Palmdale / Lancaster
((( In Stereo )))
El Monte

Ricky Rosemead & The Arcadians
( It's all Rich E. Calcom )
((( In Stereo )))
1991 The Year Of Telephone Fun

Calcom Number One

The Cow Chant

Kramer Phone

Mack, Stu & Al

REC Jingle Montague

Rappin' Al Diamond

Resist The Monkey

Home Shopping Channel Song

REC Is Back On The Internet


REC Tapes, Jingles, LPFM.

If you are into broadcast radio, you might want to check out an online tool to see if your community has room for a low power radio station.
There are other efforts like expansion of the FM broadcast band by using TV Channel 6, and maybe even 5. There is a search tool to see if there is room for a possible low power station on channel 5 or 6.
Citizens Broadcast Band (CBB) is an effort to petition the old Studio Transmitter Link (STL) channels in the 26MHz region for starting low power neighborhood broadcast stations. There is a search tool for this one too.
All search tools include possible frequencies not being used, interference and coverage maps.

During the 80's and early 90's, REC ran recordings that were played over the phone. Throughout the 70's and 80's, there were quite a few of these types of lines. Most of these lines were centered around cities like Los Angeles (especially in the San Fernando Valley), Orange County, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area and Philadelphia.

Please note that some of these recordings do contain language that may be considered inappropriate for persons under the age of 18. For this reason, we advise parental guidance when listening to the recordings in the archive.
All of the Recordings are Offline for now!
REC Networks-Commentline Archive
From the original California Comments tapes in 1984 to REC602 Arizona recordings in 1996. Listen to some of the best and some of the worst that REC had to offer during that period.
REC Networks-Other Recordings
Listen to recordings from REC that were not a part of the core commentline programming. Includes jingles, specials and caller submitted material.
Observatory-Commentline Archive
Observatory was another line that ran in the San Fernando Valley from the early 80's to 1991. REC has obtained the Observatory recordings.
Observatory-Other Recordings
Includes Observatory Supplemental, Observatory Platnium, Phone-of-It and other miscellaneous programming from the Ob.
Other Lines
Archived material from other telephone entertainment lines.
Some of the same stuff for those of us with fat pipes.

Run by Jim "Clothesline"
714-551-6400 Located in Westminster
Started in 1983
Another line I didn't call because of the line being long distance.
I will get more information on the line when I can get it.


Tape 10/16/1984

Part 1
Time 15:29

Part 2
Time 15:42

Run by Mark "Spaz"
Located in Marin County 415-388-7755, 388-4025 & Conference at 388-6633
Started in 1979 and ran for a few of years
Didn't hear that much about this line. I was able to hear some of the recordings through other people. It was done in the same fashion as Mark in Philadelphia's "Sounding Board". There was a tape exchange with Feedback a few times.

Dual Phase
Run by Dan Dual Phase  May 21, 1962 - April 29, 1983 
La Crecenta, Orange County, then finally Studio City
Started In Late 1979
Dan was best known for playback from the best audio source. He used a multitrack to create his material and spent hours creating entertaining fillers to the comment tapes. He had played some piano playing on many of the recordings. The playback machine was an auto reverse car stereo with an equalizer.

Dan was once on the cover of the LA Weekly back in 1981. The picture was of him on the floor of his room with a bunch of phone equipment and a bunch of punch blocks ready to be mounted on his wall. The story in the LA Weekly was an interview with a phone hacker and everyone thought it was Dan. The name that was given was "Roscoe". The people that knew Dan said it was Lou from Hollywood they were interviewing. Dan was mentioned in the 1991 book called "Cyberpunks".

If Dan was still around he would have been running an ISP by now with his recordings on the Internet. He would have started a page like this with more detail.


Dual Phase Shout

Recorded by the jingle company
JAM Creative Productions
Dallas, Texas
Conference Intro's

These are some of the recordings that played before hooking upto the conference.

Intro #1

Intro #2

Intro #3

Intro #4

Intro #5

Dan Dual Phase

Produced By Paul Mack

Part 1 & 2

Dan & His
Casio VL-Tone &
Multi-Track Recorder

Most of the tunes are from Disney, includes Dual Phase shout. Second piece is from "Knott's Berry Tales"

The Big Group Recording

This tape was recorded as usual, in Dan's room with many of the people you regularly hear on Dual Phase and other lines.
More Guests On The Tape Than People Leaving Comments.

Part 1

Part 2
Dan Dual Phase
& Paul Mack Tapes

These are the first six tapes of Dan and Paul making tapes together.

Tape #1
Time 16:37

I'm on here too in the background.
This was the first time I met this weirdo named "Paul Mack"

Tape #2
Time 32:23

Tape #3
Time 26:16

Tape #4
Time 18:50

Tape #5
Time 16:06

This one has a funny intro. Paul makes it sound like he is being kidnapped by Dan.

Tape #6
Time 11:58

Halloween Skit

Time 11:54

Written by Dory Forma

Black Hole Skit
7/24/80 - 7/27/80

Guests: Bruce & Lynn from Why Not! Reading the article from the L.A. Weekly the issue that has a picture of Dan on the cover.

Pizza Wars Skit

Characters: Dory, Paul and Dan. I'm in the background being silent.

Dual Phase Web Page
More Recordings at the link below

Electric Return
Run by Steve Carroll Jun 1986
Located In North Hollywood
Started sometime in 1977
This seems to be the earliest of the comment lines. Later on the Electric Return became a two line conference. One phone number for guys and the other for girls.


Fri Aug 5, 1977

Sat Aug 6, 1977

Sun Aug 7, 1977

Wed Aug 10, 1977

Sat Aug 13, 1977

Thu Aug 17, 1977

Sun Aug 20, 1977

Express Line
Run by Laura 805
Located In Santa Clarita
Started in August 1979 and ended May 1980
The first female and the youngest to start a phone line. She was 12 when she called Feedback in 1978. It didn't last a year but she had a fair call rate. Most everyone that called lived in the San Fernando Valley and where a toll call. Later a call diverter with extended service was call forwarding so that the central and western end of the valley, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica became local. I made the pre amp for her mike so that the recordings would be a lot louder. Dan and I visited her and helped Laura install the phone coupler connections.

Picture of Laura 805
"Laura 805"
Notice the old Pepsi can in the background.
Laura & Dan Dual Phase

Laura & Dan Dual Phase

Run by Bryan W. FeedbackApr 1959 - Jul 1995
North Hollywood, Canoga Park, then back to North Hollywood
818-982-6669, 989-3399, 765-6000, 764-7000, 764-8000,
995-7799, 348-8888, 213-852-7111, 714-641-3000

Started In Late August 1977

Bryan was one of the few real creative people that ran these type of phone lines. Feedback was the first to have a "Forwarding Number" to extend its calling area. One was located in Van Nuys to cover the west end of the valley. Bryan had the first "Phone Parties" here in the valley. They were at places like Pizza Hut 14455 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks. The first phone party there in 1980. It is now closed (2004).

Feedback had a good crowd calling the line. There where comments going back and forth between Feedback and Al Bernay's line for a while. There where the regulars that left comments and became well known to that group of callers.

One of the best things is the "Feedback Foreign Exchange Tapes". It's hard to make a tape every week so Bryan had other line runners send in a few of their tapes to play on Feedback. One of them is "Steven Z. Bloopline" who was on 60-75% of the time. These lines where "Sounding Board", "Dial A Spaz" and "The Link".

Unfortunately Bryan threw out all of his tapes before he died. There are some floating around that where recorded off of the phone. I know that I am not the only one that records off of the phone.



17 to 21 December 1979

November 1978

Sometime In 1979

June 1978

15 August 1980 Part 1

15 August 1980 Part 2

15 September 1980

06 October 1980 Part 1

06 October 1980 Part 2

13 October 1980 Part 1

13 October 1980 Part 2

20 October 1980 Part 1

20 October 1980 Part 2

22 October 1980 Part 1

22 October 1980 Part 2

03 November 1980 Part 1

03 November 1980 Part 2

10 November 1980 Part 1

10 November 1980 Part 2

17 November 1980 Part 1

17 November 1980 Part 2

The History of
Telephone Entertainment
Series 1980
Interviews with:
Bob Bilkiss (Zzzzzz), Mike Gorman (Montage), Regina (Watts Towers), Bryan W. Feedback,
Steven Z. Bloopline, Dan "Dual Phase", Joe "The Link", Steve Carroll, & Alex "Televenture"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7 Side 1

Part 7 Side 2

Part 8 Side 1

Part 8 Side 2

Part 9

Focus On Phunfone
Bryan W. Feedback & Steven Z. Bloopline interview Stu Phunfone and talk all about the line called Phunfone.

Feedback Cross Connection
This is the intro for "The Feedback Cross Connection" just before it connects to the conference


Bryan W. Feedback another shot
Bryan W. Feedback (1982)

At a Greek Restaurant in San Pedro
One of Regina's parties
Not prepaired for the picture

Bryan's Office of Feedback & Dial-Your-Match BBS
Bryan's Office of Feedback & Dial-Your-Match BBS

Bryan's Business Card
Bryan's Business Card

Feedback / Bloopline Letter Of News
Check Out The Newsletters Here

Run by The Dude From Calabasas (Scott)
Located In The Encino Tarzana Area 818-344-5000

Started in 1988
The recordings had mostly music and the guys talking about just STUFF. Later came the crank phone calls and playing the comments that people left. In 1991 K-Fone became automated using a PC and a couple of Dialogic cards. People with accounts can now control most of the content that went over the line. Besides the conference there where the Information Boxes that people ran just like individual phone recording lines. There is also the Public Forum. There are 16 topics to choose from. The two that have much use is "The Bashing Zone" and "The Anonymous Room". There has been a recent increase in blind people calling K-Fone. The Computer Room now have many people talking about JAWS for Windows and other assistive technologies.

As of March 2001, K-Fone is now owned and operated by Lynngent of "Woodland Hills", Jeff "Canoga Park" & Tod "The Imposter".

Scott said that he might be able to provide some K-Fone recordings.

The Link
Run by Joe Zygot
Located In Santa Ana
Started sometime in 1978
This was the first line that used an announcement recording (8 track endless loop) before going into the auto-reverse main tape. They where the first to take advantage of the phone companies "Extended Service". For a couple of years they had a forwarding number in Beverly Hills which is almost of of its 40 mile range. People from the San Fernando Valley where able to call. Joe was one of the creators of the "Zygot" joke line.

Every once in a while The Link and Feedback would exchange tapes so that everyone could hear.

The Kook Line
Run by Chuck KOOK
Located In Brooklyn, New York 212-338-4900
Started In The Summer Of 1981 'til 1987
Random people from both coasts would call in and leave messages.

 Maps To Stars Homes 
 Educational Tapes 

 Run by Al Diamond Apr 30 1936 - Jul 10 2008 
Located In West Hollywood
 876-4111, 876-4112, 874-8111, 876-4132, 278-4111, 851-5999 

Started in the late 60's
The dates I hear is either 1964 or 1966.
The recordings where on learning languages, math, and about the telephone. Al, at one time was accused by the FBI of showing people how to hack the phone system. He would give a little knowledge here and there but nothing to do with toll fraud.
The Prank Calls to his lines is what made the recordings to be discontinued.

One set of interesting recordings was "The History Of The 213 Area Code". There had been at one time three areacodes for California. Then the splits came. The split of 213 to create 714 in 1951. Another split of 213 to create 805 in 1957. The 916 split created the new code 209 in 1957. And a three way split of 415 to create 408 & 707 in 1958. I remember in 1974 you could dial 415 from 408 and not use the areacode. Al talked about how the 213 area code extended from Bakersfield down to San Diego back in the early 50's. Back then most calls went through an operator like when I called downtown Los Angeles from Van Nuys. Each group of prefixes had names to them. They where affiliated with a central office. One exchange name that is used is Gladstone. That is where the restaurant Gladstone's got its name. Their phone number AND official name of the restaurant was "Gladstone 4-FISH".

There has been fun made of the character "Al Bernay" on the recordings from many lines. One of the things that is true is that it "DOES" take Al 20-rings to answer his phone.

Sex-A-Phone Series Played for One Weekend.
Theme on a local joke by Al Bernay in 1973

This series of recordings was just playing around. They are only tapes I have of this line. Bob-213 says he has some recorded with a telephone pick-up coil.

Evan Doorbell Tapes
July 11 to July 17th 1976

Mark Bernay Recording
January 1970New2023

Stu Phunfone InterviewNew2022

Partial Comment Tape 1972New2022

Phone Phreak Lesson 05 May 1972New2022

Rules & Instructions On The Conference
24 July 1972New2022

Eliminate Tom Santa MonicaNew2022

Phone Phreaking on Tech This!
Mark Bernay, Strom Carlsom & Al Bernay
on Tech This with Byron Lee 2/6/2003 New2022

Comment Tape
18 to 19 March 1974New2022

Comment Tape, You Ask The Questions
16 March 1974New2022

Dave Sunset Explains #1 ESS
26 March 1974New2022

Area Code HistoryNew2022

History Of Telephone Numbering Plan
27 April 1975New2022

History Of The 213 Prefix System Part 1
01 July 1975New2022

History Of The 213 Prefix System Part 2
16 February 1974New2022

Al Bernay Interviews & Al's Response
16 February 1974New2022

Short maps tape from Uncle Jeffy

Sex-A-Phone Recordings (1973)

Married Life
Interviewing a man about his Married Life
You can hear Al clearly say the word "Good-bye"

Insurance Salesman
Proves that he can sell anything

Military Story
Keep Them Locked Up!

In The Mood
Starts off with Al's announcement about the dumper

Story In Spanish
Sex-A-Phone Story In Spanish

Awarding A Trophy
Reading the inscription on a trophy

Wife & Mistress
Two guys seeing their Wife & Mistress together

Woman Being Approached
The guy kisses her and she calls over a member of her family.

All A Month Past Due
A Wife, Girlfriend and a note at the bank

Kiss Goodnight
Kiss for Mommy

Keeping Your Girlfriend Sweet
Used Dial-A-Joke recording for the answer

Echo Wars

Al Diamond Tom Santa Monica & M Squared used to have contests to see who can do the best echo on their recording equipment. Usually without distortion and noise, making them clean.

Mobile Monolith
Run by John ("M" Squared)
 Located In North Hollywood, Almost To Burbank 

Started in 1978
The recordings had the same type of music and comments like the "Maps To Stars Homes" tapes.






John, Are You Out There?? (1997). You must be on the Internet by now.

Run by Mike Gorman
Located In The Wilshire Area
Started in 1978
This is the second blind person that ran a phone line. He wasn't too technical (in the way of making tapes) but he knew how to make a good comment tape. Mike would sometimes call one of us over to fix something for him since his vision was 10%. I had a backup answering device that was online for a couple of weeks.

Picture of Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman's Web Page

Run by "Wally the Weirdo" & "Neon Nick"
Located In Orange County
Output was 633-6619 & 633-7610

Started in the Summer of 1985
Here is the NEON-19 Website.

Ah, the summer of 1985. Perhaps the most interesting summer I ever had in my entire life. Okay, well, maybe not the most interesting, but certainly on the chart.

It all began, actually, early in the school year when I discovered a number for a "comment line" called the Orange County Connection in Fullerton/La Habra. Now, having been somewhat of a phone phreak, I'd called the "last listing in the Orange County phone book" many times... but Orange County Connection opened up a whole new world to me.

Run by Bob Ob
Located In Canoga Park
Output 999-0429, Later 702-0429

Started sometime in 1982
Bob had a good crowd calling. It was one of the more popular lines around. He had some of the strangest characters as guests. At least we know that "Paul Mack" is harmless. Don't really know about that other character who ended up being Bob's best man at his wedding.

Bob had a few phone parties. They had a good amount of people showing up. I built a couple of answering devices for this line. Bob shut down his line the first time and gave the answering device to Mark Reseda for his line. This last one I made the last time Observatory was up was neat, because the intro was a card that digitized the sound so there where no moving parts. You can still get that card for double that I bought it for at Jameco Electronics. Part Number 124871. It has an output pin that is set when the recording is playing and clears when it ends. So from there you can set up an audio switcher, either a relay (you will need a relay driver to drive the relay) or to an analog swith to switch between the audio from this device and the regular audio program (cassette playback machine)..

Rating these lines I would put it as #3 behind "Feedback" and "Dual Phase". I don't think Bob thought his line was that good but I think it was.

Just Talked to Bob. He wants to start his line up again but this time with a Dialogic Card like K-Fone and the old REC.


Tape #26

Part 1
Time 15:34

Part 2
Time 16:11
Tape #162

Part 1 & 2
Tape #171

Part 1
Time 15:22

Part 2
Time 15:48

Run by Mr. Kelley
Located in Glendale
Output 956-0100 Input 956-0069

After running Zygot for a while, Kelley thought that he would get onto the Comment Line band wagon. He had to compete with other lines that covered the same calling areas like Montage, Feedback, Bloopline and Dual Phase.

Paul Mack Presents
The Movie Line 1983 - 1985
The Wildeside 1985 - 1986
CinemaScoop 1986 - 1987
Picture Phone 1991
Presented by Paul Mack And
Produced by William Wilde

Run by Paul Mack "The Movie Maker"
Located in North Hollywood, Van Nuys And Then Settled In Burbank

Picture of Paul Mack holding a microphone

Paul Mack" The Moviemaker

Check Out The "Paul Mack Presents Page"
Info, Pictures & Recordings

Orange County Connection
Run by John "OCC" and Sammy "The Seal"
Located In La Habra
Started in 1982 until I guess 1986
I didn't get to hear too many of their tapes. They would sometimes get Paul Mack to help out on their tapes. I have more pictures of Joanne to post in the phone party picture gallery.

Sammy The Seal At A Phone Party John OCC At Paul Mack's Bedroom
Taken in Paul Mack's room
John taking the spotlight
away from Paul in front
of the camera.
Sammy The Seal & John OCC

The Right Track
Run by Casey Arleta
Located In Arleta
Ran from July 1980 to March 1981
The first machine was a converted Record-A-Call 78. The mods where done by "Paul Mission Hills". The first machine kept crashing. So Lynn, Bruce, and I came up with a reliable machine. Lynn and Bruce came up with the auto reverse and power supply, and I provided the answering device. It became too much so he had to take it down. There where other things he was working on like his girlfriend and his band. Maybe someday Casey will have his band on the Internet. There where 28 tapes made. The surviving tapes are #7 thru #28.

I talked to Casey (2/2006) and he said that he still has a few tapes.

Short Circuit
Run by Rusty From Orange
Located In The City Of Orange
I remember it being advertised on some of the lines like "The Link" and "Feedback" but was unable to call it.

Sounding Board
Run by Marc Raker Nov 25 1978
Located In Philadelphia
Output 725-0136, Input 722-0183

Started in August 1977
Marc used a modified Doro 311-T answering machine.
Marc changed the way of the playing format of the Comment Line. He was a DJ who was blind and looking for some work in broadcasting. He took radio jingles and made a real show out of comments left by callers. He called it "Audience Participated Telephone". Marc traded tapes with Bryan of "Feedback" so at times both lines could be heard by a different audience. Things didn't go well in 1979. He lost his job and roommate. Marc later took his life. The tape he had on at the time was happier and more upbeat than the previous tapes. For a few years after, Bryan played a memorial tape on Feedback.

Marc was a thoughtful person with high production and programming standards. He simply was not capable of doing a sloppy job. And he could always state the reason for why he did something or did it in a certain way.


Lori Zygot (Culver City) Made This Tape
Lori was on the phone from California with Mark

Recordings from a master tape (1978)
Intro 1978

A tape from March 1978

A tape from March 1978

A tape from March 1978

A tape from March 1978

A tape for 05/07/1978

A tape for 05/08/1978

A tape for 05/09/1978

Run by Nino King
818-882-9524 (also 780-7000) Located in Chatsworth
They played comment tapes like most of the lines, but they had their own variety series called "The Adventures Of The Gopher Twins". Paul Mack was a guest voice playing the part of "Punk Skunk". These recordings would be great to add to this web page. One time Nino and Paul made a spoof on Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I think that it was the best recording ever made for the phone line.

Gopher Twins

The Adventures Of The Gopher Twins Web Page


4th Annual ARTE Awards
2hrs 4min 4/19/1986
Host: Bryan W. Feedback
Intro: William Wilde

BobOb, William Wilde, P.C., Mike (Canoga), Casey (Arleta),
Karen (Grateful Dead), Paul Mack, Mr. Phun, Al Bernay, Bailey, January Mills, Stu FunFone, Dennis DeCreepo, Bert Partyline, Felicia of Orange, Mike Cindy Telephun, "Wolfman" Jack, Sammy The Seal & Jim Clothesline.
Intro Produced By: N. King & W. Mills

Side 1

Time 1:01:15

The Bryan W. Feedback Story

Best Co-Host:
Presented by Bob Ob
Bailey (Telephun)
Biffex Jones (BS Line)
Mickey Canoga (Telephun)
Cindy (Telephun)

Best Weekly Specials:
Presented by William Wilde
Hump Day Special (Telephun)

Best Weekly Feature:
Presented by William Wilde
Movie Reviews and News (Movieline)
Newsline (REC Telephone Network)

Supporting In A Skit Or Special:
Presented by "P.C."

Paul Mack as Paul in "Birth To Baldness Part 5"
Rich E. Calcom as Himself in Paul Mack's "The Extra Special Special"
Willie Pickens as Baligerent Badger in "The Gopher Twins"

Playing of Best Phone Song:
F-F-F-Feedback by Paul Mack

Biggest Dissapointment:
Presented by Mickey Canoga
Bryan W. Feedback for "Feedback"
Paul Mack for "The Movieline"
Bob Ob for "Observatory"

Best Comment Realed Program:
Presented by Casey Arlita & Karen Greatful Dead
KramerPhone (Calcom Productions)
Ringside Showdown (Telephun Caller Collage) & This Is Not The Movieline (BS Line Production)

Daniel Ross Lifetime Achievement Award:
Presented by Nino Telephun & Paul Mack
Al Bernay "Maps To Stars Homes"

Best Writing & Direction In A Skit Or Special:
Presented by Al Bernay
Nino King & Willie Pickens (The Gopher Twins)
Nino King, Bryan W. Feedback & William Wilde (Who Shot Mr. Phun)
Santa Kime & Biffex Jones (Hefty & Lefty)

Best Phone Song:
Life On The Line (William Wilde)

Hall Of Fame Award:
Presented by Nino Telephun & Bailey
DeCreepo Broadcasting System (DBS)
Freaky Phone
The Movieline

Best Phone Special:
Presented by Rich E. Calcom
3rd Anual ARTE Awards
Birth To Baldness #5 "That Old Chain Gang Of Mine"
John Lennon Memorial

Time 1:00:43

Best New Line:
Presented by Santa "Happy The Dwarf" Kime
The Philadelphia Night Train
The Wilde Side

Best Phone Song:
This Is Not The Movieline (Santa Kime & Biffex Jones)

Best Actress In A Skit Or Special:
Presented by Paul Mack
Cindy Bankler as Valley Squirel
January Mills as Alexandrea Lareau
Mickey Canoga as Herself in "The Ringside Showdown"

Best Actor In A Skit Or Special:
Presented by January Mills
Bryan W. Feedback in "Who Shot Mr. Phun"
Paul Mack as Punk Skunk in "The Gopher Twins"
William Wilde as Inspector Kenyon in "Who Shot Mr. Phun"

Best Phone Skit:
Presented by Stu Funfone
The Continuing Adventures Of The Gopher Twins
Hefty & Lefty
Who Shot Mr. Phun

Best Phone Song:
Presented by Dennis DeCreepo
F-F-F-Feedback by Paul Mack
Life On The Line by William Wilde
This Is Not The Movieline by Santa Kime & Biffex Jones

Best Production:
Presented by Bert Partyline
The BS Line
The Wilde Side

Best Male Caller:
Presented by Felicia of Orange
Bob 213
Mike "Wolfman Jack"
William Wilde

Best Female Caller:
Presented by Mike Wolfman Jack
Karen "Greatful Dead"
Snow White Of The Magical Kingdom
Susy Q from Malibu

Best Comment Line:
Presented by Paul Mack
Bruce Springsteen Comment Line

Ending Song: We Are The Line Runners

Produced By: N. King & B. Sterry (Except Intro)
Nino King & Paul Mack

Part 1 & 2

Produced By Nino King

Phun On One
With Paul Mack

Phun-On-One / Paul Mack
Host: Mr. Phun
In-Depth studio Interview With Paul Mack
Life, Lines, Films & the pursuit of Paul
Included: PMP "Amazing Trailer"
"Pizza Wars"
"Movieline Montage"

Part 1 Time 15:07

Part 2 Time 7:55

Part 3 Time 11:32

Part 4 Time 12:05

Produced By Nino King

Caller Collage #129

Telephun Extra Special #129 8/13/1985 Time 34:22
Produced By Paul Mack
Guests: Rich E. Calcom, William Wilde,
Bryan W. Feedback
& Bob-213
(Now Bob-323 because of all the areacode splits)
"Who Shot Mr. Phun"
"The Bob 213 120-Minute Seminar" Part 4

Part 1 Time 7:16

Part 2 Time 7:50

Part 3 Time 9:59

Part 4 Time 9:24

Produced By Nino King

Tribute To 761-3330

Produced By Nino For Paul Mack
Movieline & Wildside Montage w/ Closing PMP
Tributes from listeners & dedication by Mr. Phun
Clips of Observatory
Observatory Funny - Moon
3-year Anniversary
Paul Mack's Telephun Extra Special & PMP Intros

Part 1, 2, & 3
Time 42:48

Produced By Nino King

Caller Collage #91

Part 1 & 2

Produced By Paul Mack

Caller Collage #120
6/6/1985 Featuring Mickey Canoga

Time 29:48

Produced By Nino King

Phone Songs


Rich E. Calcom Song

Feedback Song

Produced By Nino King

Adventures Of The Gopher Twins

Episode #1

Episode #2

Episode #3

Episode #4

Taken from the Gopher Twins web page in WAV audio format and converted for here.

Nino, post more Gopher Twins. I'll help you if you need it.

New Gopher Twins Web Page

Produced By Nino King

Nino Nukes Telephun

Nino says that enough is enough and Nukes Telephun. He gives all the reasons why he has had enough and Telephun is going down for good.
Thanks to William Wilde for recording this off of the phone and saving it all these years.

Part 1 Time 8:26

Part 2 Time 7:57

Part 3 Time 8:29

Part 4 Time 7:35

Part 5 Time 7:35

Produced By Nino King

Test Board
Run by Steve, S2 ("S" Squared)
Located In Van Nuys

Started in August 1978
Steve was always being accused of plagiarizing material and style of other comment lines. He might have but there was no other popular style or anything innovative since "Sounding Board" and "Feedback". He was 17 when he started it. He was also known for deepening his voice just for the recordings, and sometimes it changed back to normal towards the end of the tape.

One tape I want to get hold of is the spoof of Test Board called "Testes Board". "Joe" from "The Link", "Steven Z. Bloopline" from "Bloopline" and "Bryan W. Feedback" from "Feedback" made that recording. They first played it on The Link, then Feedback. I did some experimenting with answering devices on Test Board for a while. That's why there had been some technical problems.

Steve was involved with a "Search & Rescue Group", that's why the joking at the end of the Test Board spoof.


Test Board Intro
Produced By Mark Raker Of "Sounding Board" from Philadelphia

The Thanx Line / DBS
 Run by Dennis DeCreepo 
Located In North Hollywood (Magnolia Office)
Later Moved to The Sepulveda Exchange

761-8880 Started in August 1980
Later became "The DeCreepo Broadcasting System". DBS
The line had GREAT sound. The machines had been made by Dan "Dual Phase". The playback machines where auto reverse car stereos with an extra amp and equalizer. I didn't call this line often. There where so many lines to call at the time. They did play alot of music on their tapes. THANX was a local band with a single out. If I can get a hold of the record I will make a Real Audio file of it.

Dennis says that he is living in the Mount Shasta area.
He owns one of the local radio stations out there. He said that after DBS on the phone, he brought it out onto the TVRO scene.
There maybe no more "DBS" but now there is "DPS", Dennis Michael's Dog & Pony Show, and now you can listen to it by clicking on the "Z100 Logo" below. Good luck getting in. All 300-streams are usually full during his show. Otherwise you can listen throughout the day and you might catch one of the commercials or the station jingle.

Listen by clicking
on the logo Below
Z100fm Logo

Dennis Michaels jumps in at 6:00AM Pacific and starts up the 60s and 70s Classics with 7 in a row every hour 
and only two commercial breaks. Click the pic for our weekday schedule.

That Line
Run By Paul of Mission Hills
Located In Mission Hills 896-0607
Ran from 1979 to 1980
Later the machines would be used on the line called "The Right Track".

Why Not!
Run by Bruce (Mr. OutWATS), Lynn,
and Sol (Known as "Steve Bell Canyon")

Located In Woodland Hills Output 346-6644
Started sometime in 1978
Why start another comment line when there are so many already.


They had their own way to make entertaining tapes. One of them made an attempt to sing on the intro. It lasted for a couple of years.

Copied From The Endless Loop & Cassette Tapes That Played On The Line:

Tapes #8 to #31

Tape #1 5/24/1979 - No Tape At This Time
Tape #2 5/28/1979
Tape #3 5/31/1979
Tape #4 6/2/1979
Tape #5 6/10/1979
Tape #6 6/19/1979
Tape #7 7/1/1979

Tape #8 - 7/8/1979 - Time 47:11 Host: Steve & Bruce

Tape #9 - 7/23/1979 - Time 28:34 Host: Bruce

Tape #10 - 8/1/1979 - Time 28:37 Host: Bruce

Tape #11 - 8/12/1979 - Time 29:50 Host: Steve & Bruce

Tape #12 - 8/15/1979 - Time 28:57 Host: Steve & Bruce

Tape #13 - 8/19/1979 - Time 29:54 Host: Steve & Bruce

Tape #14 - 8/26/1979 - Time 27:29 Host: Steve

Tape #15 - 9/18/1979 - Time 31:01 Host: Bruce

Tape #16 - 9/30/1979 - Time 29:23 Host: Steve

Tape #17 - 10/7/1979 - Time 28:42 Host: Steve

Tape #18 - 10/28/1979 - Time 31:02 Host: Steve

Tape #19 - 11/4/1979 - Time 30:07 Host: Steve

Tape #20 - 11/18/1979 - Time 30:14 Host: Lynn & Steve

Tape #21 - 1/13/1980 - Time 31:11 Host: Steve & Lori

Tape #22 - 1/20/1980 - Time 29:11 Host: Steve & Lynn

Tape #23 - 1/28/1980 - Time 20:20 Host: Steve & Bruce

Tape #24 - 2/9/1980 - Time 30:25 Host: Steve & Lynn

Tape #25 - 2/27/1980 - Time 30:17 Host: Lynn

Tape #26 - 3/30/1980 - Time 26:03 Host: Lynn

Tape #27 - 4/6/1980 - Time 28:22 Host: Steve, Lynn & Bruce

Tape #28 - 4/13/1980 - Time 24:52 Host: Steve, Lynn & Bruce

Tape #29 - 5/7/1980 - Time 20:08 Host: Steve & Lynn
Guest: John Malibu

Tape #30 - 5/20/1980 - Time 26:42 Host: Lynn

Tape #31 - 5/28/1980 - Time 28:53 Host: Steve

Copied From The Endless Loop Tape That Played On The Line.


Kindergarten Express

A Spoof on the line called "Express Line" run by Laura-805
Casey Arleta as "Laura"
Other Voices:
Lynn Woodland Hills, Steve Bell Canyon (Sol) & Uncle Freaky

A Quote From Bruce's E-Mail Tag
Organization: Very Little, but sufficient.
(Yes, my desk is under here somewhere...)

Your Line
 Run by John & Mark 
Located In Van Nuys
(818)989-3680 -- Output
(818)989-3615 -- Input

-6464 -- the 64/64 Line Conference

YOUR LINE was started in June, 1980
by John Puglia (fka John Van Nuys) and Mark Markus (fka Joe Studio City) after being inspired by other comment lines, particularly Feedback and Bloopline. At the time of inception, John was 18 and Mark was 17.

Input was taken on an old Record-a-Call answering machine and output was played on a Code-a-Phone answering machine. Without the "elaborate" equipment used by other line runners, early Your Line tapes were made by transferring the input tapes onto an old reel-to-reel recorder for editing. Mark was responsible for the music and humor, playing the part of Bloopline to John's Feedback. In a short time, a vast volume of callers were leaving messages. Some of them even female.

In February 1981, YOUR LINE switched to a rotating format, with a conference line one week, and then special interviews, and comment tapes were done once a month. This continued until June 1981, then Your Line went to all conference (and also forwarding for other lines.. Bob Observatory (Bob OB!!) was paying the phone bill at that time.. This lasted on and off until the beginning of 1982...Throughout this time Your Line also had weekly trivia contests, special holiday tapes, once a week answer live sessions, our "retospective specials", comedy "wait tapes" and of course the always exciting Dave General Manager "helpful hint" series...

Your Line eventually ended when the machines broke, Mark went on to college, and both found girlfriends, which became a disincentive to continue working the 15-20 hours it took to make each 23 minute tape.

Your Line was funded primarily by Dave General Manager, which enabled him to control (i.e. censor) a large portion of the content (although Mark generally ignored the censorship).

Mark still lives in Studio City (not in the same place, his parents kicked him out when he turned 35) and is now a self-employed lawyer and musician. John is an enterpreneur operating various ventures out of his home in south North Hollywood. Dave General Manager's whereabouts are unknown. There is currently no search for him.


Tape #20

Al Bernay Interview

John Lennon Tape

Format Change Tape

(Neil McCormick's Line)

Run By Neil McCormick
Somewhere In Orange County
Zontor line is from SATAN California
A line originally called many things:
South Coast Connection, The Alternative (as listed in High Times Magazines under Philosophy and Observation, not comment lines) when an article ran about phone lines.

Zontor the name finally settled on. Sometimes called "The Real Neil", but featuring Light, Tight & Bright.

Audio madness from callers who had either funny, crazy or sexy input for the day. Comments would have to be less than a minute to keep up the frenzy pace of the tapes, which changed every 2-3 days. As long as the callers were not serious, neither was the line runner.

C.O.N.D.O.R.: "Citizens Opposing Neils Dreadfully Obnoxious Recordings". Was a line put up to squelch any madness Conservative Orange County couldn't put up with. Libraries of music @ Comedy LPs kept the Zontor Line @ maximum overdrive and kept the line busy with Light, Tight & Brite (Not Necessarily Smart) but outrageous content.

(Writeup by Neil McCormick)

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